Friday, July 30, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres, ex-Idolmaker

Ellen DeGeneres at the 1997 Emmy Awards (cropped)Image via Wikipedia
Ever since Ellen DeGeneres joined American Idol, some critics have been saying that she isn't qualified as a judge because she doesn't have appropriate skills or knowledge of the music industry. I could say that of most record executives. Or of the industry as a whole.

Because if record executives knew what they were doing,you wouldn't be purchasing CD albums in record stores any more. You'd be walking into "CD Stores" and asking for a digital compilation of songs - singles - that would make up a custom disc (or flash drive). But I digress.

Point is, looked at in a certain way, DeGeneres is actually perfectly qualified as a judge for American Idol, because she's potentially what all of us are - a consumer. At worst she's not able to really let performers have it when she hates them. At best, she's nowhere near as cynically industry-serving as any other judge might be.

And it seems as I write this that they've settled a deal with J-Lo to replace her. And Idol just feels a little more like America's Next Top Model.

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Carolyn said...

that really irritates me. ellen's opinion is one i would respect way more than someone who musically-speaking produces nothing but absolute CRAP. like, she's really bad. really, really bad. number ONE on my 'Don't Like' list.

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