Three Bored White Guys

Three Bored White Guys was what remained after the smoke cleared out of Crazy Cats, which was a corner bar near a popular cape Town club called... Corner House.

I always wondered why or how it was as successful locally as it was, but I guess it was simply because it was so different to everything else on the scene at the time. Also, it happened just as the scene was starting to come back, after what I'd consider the doldrums of SA underground rock (1997-2002).

In 2006, we released We Been Robbed , which was recorded mostly by Dirk Hugo, except for my two debut production tracks, one of which (Boxstar Kitty) is probably my favourite off the whole album.

Greg Donnelly - guitar, vocals
Anton Marshall - double bass
Frank Ellis - guitar
Waldo Alexander - viola
Matthew Ferguson - drums

music and lyrics by Greg Donnelly
produced by Anton Marshall
(c) 2006 unknown era / three bored white guys

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