Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where the hell have I been?

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Developing a new bloody portal is where... but the hump is mostly over, save for a few adjustments on the editorial process front...

The 'long tail' of readjusting to a new website can be tricky, as we've also acquired ownership of the news element of Entertainment, which is a major new consideration in everything we do. news is a major part of my job as well now, and I feel this is probably the best way to collapse the function into the (small) team of eds.

As music, I have a somewhat less structured content flow than movies, but not as seat-of-your-pants as TV and Gossip, whcih Sam, our editor on that desk, is a master at i have to say.

All that leaves less time to make fancy, schmansy blog posts that are properly spell-checked and cleverly constructed. I write this at the start of a new work day and hopefully I can do it every morning...

And also I'm picking up habits from some of my favourite blogger peers... like dropping Capital letters to start sentences - you can blame a couple of  bloggers (see list to the right) for that.

let these be my free pages hence...

yes, you read right... free pages
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