Friday, September 10, 2010

New writers are like happy pills

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One of the great pleasures of working in this business for me (the content production business) is when job shadowers get to do a task for you and what you get back is much more than what you expected.

Job shadowers are high school or varsity students who get to spend couple of days with us to see what we do. Usually, when they get to me I just give them an assignment and say "do this". Of course I try to give them a little guideline (I'm not evil).

In this case, I handed young Shirvonne my "Guide to writing our CD reviews" and a CD and said... read this, listen to this and write it...

DIFFICULTY: The CD I handed her was what i call an A-list review – meaning an artist that has following and is known, and will be read by fans.One Mr Tom Jones of Wales, and his new release Praise and Blame.

I'm going to take the credit for what happened... my guide, my teaching methods, my brilliant skills as a nurturer... all these things...

Because the result I got back was pretty darn decent for a first timer. Praise me. I am good.  Seriously, though, great job Shirvonne. It may not be 1972 Rolling Stone yet, but hey, it's a pretty good kickoff to (hopefully) a career in varied writing platforms (not the kind you wear) and styles and formats.

And to get back to the point, it's great feeling when you can tell someone that the first time they've done something was a pretty good effort. Makes that part of the job worth it. Word (260).

Here's the review: Tom Jones - Praise & Blame

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